Vision and Values

Bringing Healing Health and Harmony into your world.


In terms of Healing, all injuries will incur pain, which then leads to tension in the body.  Tension will restrict circulation and movement that slows the healing down.  So the very least I can do is relax the muscles for you, stimulate circulation, ease the pain and accelerate healing.  Of course, in many situations I can do far, far more.

 When it comes to Health, I am also a qualified nutritionist, which allows me to take a completely holistic approach to restoring, improving or maintaining your health. Whether this means looking at your diet or whether you might need supplements I can help tailor it for you as an individual.

 Harmony is the body’s natural state – until we mess it up with the stresses and strains of life.  I can help restore that harmony, helping it to promoting optimal health and preventing dis-ease.  Prevention really is the very best reason to work with me sooner rather than later. As the sooner we start the quicker the results and why put up with the pain or discomfort.

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