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This Month's Special Offer

A Totally Tropical Trio of Treatments

Get your skin ready for summer with Tropic Skin Care

Spring is in the air and summer's on its' way (no doubt, it'll be here and gone before we know it!), which is why now's the time to start getting your skin ready for summer.

Not only that, but April's Special Offer will help you de-stress, lift your energy, lift your spirits and lift your heart as we embrace the spring and get look forward to summer.

My Totally Tropical Trio of Treatments is just the ticket and adds up to something of a truly exceptional Special Offer - designed especially for you!


Just Check Out my Totally Tropical Trio


As well as being absolutely superb for your skin this is a Totally Tropical Trio of pureunadulterated pleasure and I know you’re going to love it!


I’ll start by exfoliating your back, arms and legs using  Tropic Body Smooth and hot towels.  As well as gently exfoliating your skin, the process will quiet your mind and relax your body in preparation for what’s to come.

Your back, arms and legs will be finished with Tropic Body Love - A velvety buttercream, enriched with cocoa and shea butter cocoons your body in sensational softness as it nourishes and deeply hydrates your skin. With green algae and pink peppercorn actives to help combat cellulite, this firming moisturiser is a must-have skin treat.


Next, will be an Amazing Facial, taking you through the following stages;


Step 1 – Cleansing

Cleansing the skin is the foundation of a great facial. The cleansing process will help to remove all traces of make-up, dirt and any left-over oils on the skin. In fact, I always cleanse twice and you’d be surprised at how much dirt and grime still comes off during the second cleanse.

It’s important not to use soap, as this can dry the skin, and you need to make sure that you get to all those hard to reach areas. Finally, remember to remove the cleanser.

Step 2 – Exfoliation

To prepare for the exfoliation stage, I use hot towels (rather than steam) to soften the dead skin cells, which makes the extraction process much easier on the skin. As well as having a very practical purpose, I find that my clients just love me to use hot towels.

Step 3 – Mask

A mask should form a part of any good facial. The mask (to suit your skin type) helps to cleanse and detoxify the skin while you get to sit back and relax a little more while the mask does its job.  Of course, whilst the mask does its work, I'll massage your hands for you, as an extra treat.

Step 4 – Toning

Adding a toner is the final step before you go on to moisturise the skin. The toner cleanses the skin and tightens the pores to prepare it for the final stage.

Step 5 – Massage and Moisturise

Everyone just loves this part of a facial and I use oils and creams that are chosen to suit your skin, perfectly.

The massage helps to smooth and soften areas of the skin that are tense or wrinkled, as well as, improve circulation in the skin. I use a number of different massage strokes and techniques which, along with the other four steps, combine to give you the most amazing facial.


Facials are incredibly pleasurable, as well as having a profound effect on your skin.


Finally, you get to experience my fantastic Foot Spa Sensation, which begins with an Ocean Fizz Foot Soak containing sea salt, eucalyptus and coconut coir fibres. This will soften and thoroughly prepare your feet for polishing.

I then use a Polishing, Foaming, Cleansing Foot Pebble to buff away rough skin. This Foot Pebble contains exfoliating white sands from the Bora Bora, volcanic ash from Tahiti and plant derived cleansers for refreshed, clean feet. It’s also scented with peppermint and eucalyptus oils, which are wonderfully fragrant.

To finish your Foot Spa Sensation, I’ll be using the Repairing Foot Remedy – an intensive softening treatment, fortified with aspen bark extract that’s rich in salicylic acid to remove dead skin with a blend of nourishing illipe, cupuaçu, kokum, avocado and apricot butters, all of which will leave your feet - and you – feeling wonderful.

Woman Having a Facial

Sounds Wonderful, Doesn’t it?


And Here’s the Best Part ….


By investing in my Totally Tropical Trio of Treatments you get the added benefit of some exceptional value for money.

My Special Offer for April

Is an amazing experience, which is available to you for only ….



(that's exceptional value for money)

and for my Extra Special, Special Offer

You can really treat yourself and book a series of 3 x Totally Tropical Trios

All for ONLY


Please note that availability is very limited


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