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This Month's Special Offer

Top to Toe Pamper Session

(and all because ..... you deserve it!)

If you’re anything like me, you can handle a Top to Toe Pamper Session at any time of year, so, February might just be the perfect time for you.


 There really is no substitute for feeling fabulous …… and I can guarantee that you’ll leave your Top to Toe Pamper Session feeling exactly like that.


Pamper Sessions were designed for times like this (actually, they were designed for any time) and now that 2018’s well under way, I have a truly exceptional Special Offer for you!

Just Check This Out for a Pamper Session


This will be 1 and ½ hours of pureunadulterated pleasure and I know you’re going to love it!


You’ll start with an Aromatherapy Beck, Neck and Shoulder Massage (with the option to upgrade to a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage) where your senses will be stimulated with a combination of essences selected especially for you. The process will quiet your mind and relax your body in preparation for what’s to come.


Next, will be an Amazing Facial, taking you through the stages of cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a mask and finishing by toning and then moisturising your skin.


Facials are incredibly pleasurable, as well as having a profound effect on your skin.


Finally, you get to experience a fantastic Foot Pampering to complete your session.  I’ll cleanse and exfoliate your feet and then moisturise them, thoroughly, before putting on a pair of heated booties that will open the pores of the skin to allow deeper penetration of the products I use.


The booties are also therapeutic, delivering the ideal heat which, apart from being wonderfully relaxing, is also brilliant in helping any general aches and pains.

Woman Having a Facial

Sounds Wonderful, Doesn’t it?


And Here’s the Best Part ….


If you invested in the 3 treatments that comprise this Amazing Top to Toe Pamper Session, individually, you would normally spend over £100.


However .....

My Special Offer for February

Allows you to access this truly amazing experience for only …..



(£59.00 if you go for the Full Body Aromatherapy Massage)


(That's less than half the usual cost!)


And For My Extra Special, Special Offer


A Turbo-Charged Triple Treat

Alternatively, you can really treat yourself and book a series of 3 x Top to Toe Pamper Sessions for only .....


(£165.00 if you go for the Full Body Aromatherapy Massage)

(You can do these once a week, once a fortnight, once a month or whenever you wish)

(In fact, some of my clients have a treatment every month, without fail!)


Please note that availability is very limited


Any questions?

Contact me on: 07884 456056 or use the form, below;

I'll look forward to seeing you soon,


Bringing Healing, Health and Harmony into your world.