My Famously Fantastic NES Facial

New Facial Technology using stimulation and rejuvenating techniques.

While wrinkles and fine lines are a normal part of aging, they make the skin appear tired and can be of significant cosmetic concern, especially for women.

You can prevent premature wrinkling by avoiding the sun and taking proper care of your skin, but wrinkles caused by genetics and aging are not avoidable. Deep wrinkles may require more invasive removal methods.

Well this is where I come to assist you. Using my amazing mi health device.

Face lift and anti-wrinkle treatment, on neck, jaw, nose, face and throat.

When doing this treatment and working on your face it is very much like having a reflexology treatment on your face as often I will find sticky areas that I will then work to remove.

My Famously Fantastic NES Facial starts as all great facials do - with a cleansing process that will help remove all traces of make-up, dirt and any left-over oils on the skin. In fact, I always cleanse twice and you'd be surprised at how much dirt and grime still comes off during the second cleanse.

For the second step, I move on to exfoliation. Depending on your skin, I'll use either 2 Minute Miracle Gel or a gentler exfoliation using natural products,which will instantly smooth and brighten your skin.

Step 3 is where the real magic happens when I get out my amazing miHealth device (if you've never tried it, you will be amazed).

There are 3 phases to this treatment, each using a different setting on the miHealth device.

The first phase is 'Skin' and I'll spend around 10 minutes on each side of your face (so I can show you the immediate difference it makes to your skin).

The second phase is 'Muscle', where I work more around the eye area to lift those brows and you get another 5 minutes on each side during this phase

The final phase in step 3 will be 'Anti-Aging' and this time I'll be using the device over the face and neck.

The last step in my Famously Fantastic NES Facial is to use Tropic Skin Revive, a nourishing cream concentrate, which contains antioxidant-rich Australian kakadu plum to brighten your skin, as well as, hyaluronic acid and raspberry seed oil to give your skin the final nourishment it needs.

This is a truly wonderful relaxing treatment - usually with instant results - and I'll spend approximately 1 hour pampering your face.


( Please note that the results produced by this treatment do vary from person to person, depending on the current condition of their skin.

Whilst the majority of people notice the difference in their skin, immediately, there's no guarantee that this will be the case in every instance.

The effects of this treatment are temporary and do wear off over time but regular treatments (monthly or more frequently) have a compounding effect and ensure the longevity of the effect.)