Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage originated in Thailand over 2000 years ago and consists of a combination of massage techniques applied to the lower legs and feet.

Having been developed from traditional Thai Massage, these techniques include elements of Shiatsu and Reflexology, as well as both Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Thai Foot Massage is still taught by Buddhist monks in the temples of Thailand and works the lower legs and feet with stretching and compression to 'open' energy lines within the body.

There are reflex points on the feet that correspond to the internal organs of the body and during the treatment, they're stimulated by the use of a stick, promoting a general sense of health and well-being.

Thai Foot Massage - Complementary Therapies by Valerie Woodmore
Thai Foot Massage Pressure Points

According to Chinese Medicine, the sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the feet. The core belief under-pinning Thai Foot Massage is that there are 10 major energy lines or channels that run through the body from the top of the head to the soles of the feet.

There are pressure points on the feet that represent the end points of these energy lines and it's these points that are manipulated to clear blockages and improve energy flow around the body.

Modern day Thai Foot Massage has evolved from Chinese, Japanese and Korean influences but this isn't the only part of the world where the benefits of foot massage and reflexology have been widely appreciated. Evidence shows that early African tribes, American Indians and early Egyptians also had an appreciation of these benefits.

In Thailand, the traditional way to deliver Thai Foot Massage is in a reclining chair and you can still experience this on any number of busy streets, should you visit the country. The western approach is to offer a treatment on a couch, which is exactly what you'll find when you come for a treatment with me.

The Benefits of  Thai Foot Massage

Ancient Thai foot massage (Nuad Pan Boran) is a holistic healing technique that provides relaxation, balance in the body's various systems, and healthy blood circulation. It is known as a therapy to foster general good health and mental serenity. Crystals of calcium and uric acid (toxic wastes) that have built up are dispersed.

Proponents report relief from stress, back and other chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, allergies, high blood pressure, sleep disorder, fibromyalgia, gout, migraine, arthritis, diabetes, kidney, and digestive problems. Reflexology helps the body regain and maintain its general good health and natural balance.

Enhanced flow of blood and nutrients tend to maintain or improve the healthy condition of the body parts, and many ailments are cured or reduced. The immune system is boosted, healing is accelerated, the body is refreshed, and the mind is cleared of stress.

Thai Foot Massage Using the stick to stimulate the pressure points

There are many benefits and effects derived from Thai Foot Massage including;

  • Improved circulation in the legs and hands
  • Acceleration and stimulation of lymphatic drainage
  • Enhanced healing
  • Helps to boost the immune system and remove toxins
  • Improved flexibility and the reduction of stiffness
  • Detoxification and strengthening of the immune system
  • Relief of stress symptoms such as mental fatigue and anxiety
  • Provides feelings of relaxation and general well-being
  • Helping with insomnia
  • Helping to alleviate mental fatigue through stimulation of the mind
  • Overall feeling of balance and well-being
  • Enhanced energy levels

Plus many more.

What  Happens in a session?

The massage is usually given fully clothed, ideally wearing loose fitting clothing that can be taken up comfortably above the knee.  The client will sit on a reclining chair throughout the massage.

Whilst this is a relatively new treatment for me, I've found that it's proven to be incredibly effective with my clients - and very popular, as a result.

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