Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers


For that Special Someone on Valentine’s Day, there are two options for your Top to Toe Pamper Session Gift Voucher (including an iTOVi scan): The first option includes an Aromatherapy Beck, Neck and Shoulder Massage and the second option includes a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage.  See below for more details …



Sample Valentine's Day Gift VoucherFinding the perfect gift for that someone special at Valentine’s Day is always something of a challenge. If you want it to be something that they’ll remember, one of my Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers will do the trick.

This year I have the perfect Valentine’s Day Special and you – a Top to Toe Pamper Session that includes an iTOVi Scan and a complementary essential oil sample to take away with you. Here’s a bit more information for you.


Top to Toe Pamper Session including an iTOVi Scan and Free Essential Oil Sample

My Top to Toe Pamper session is 1 and ½ hours of pure, unadulterated pleasure, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Top to Toe Pamper Session

The session starts with an Aromatherapy Beck, Neck and Shoulder Massage (with the option to upgrade to a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage) where your senses will be stimulated with a combination of essences selected especially for you (see below for details of the iTOVi scan). The process will quiet your mind and relax your body in preparation for what’s to come.

Next, will be an Amazing Facial, taking you through the stages of cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a mask and finishing by toning and then moisturising your skin.

Facials are incredibly pleasurable, as well as having a profound effect on your skin.

Finally, you get to experience a fantastic Foot Pampering to complete your session. I’ll cleanse and exfoliate your feet and then moisturise them, thoroughly, before you get to enjoy a wonderfully warm Foot Spa that will open the pores of the skin to allow deeper penetration of the products I use.

The Foot Spa’s therapeutic, wonderfully relaxing and brilliant for helping any general aches and pains.

The iTOVi Scan

iTOVi is a new piece of technology that I added to my toolbox, recently, and it’s fantastic. I love it!

It’s a nutritional scanner that combines galvanic skin response (GSR), pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth technologies to measure small changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin. An algorithm is then applied to the readings and a report produced. And all of this is carried out through an App on my phone that connects to a simple, hand-held scanner.

iTOVi Scan Report and Scanner

Once you get the scan results, iTOVi provides a report that covers three areas; Emotional, Environmental and Physical. Whilst it can be used equally well when it comes to nutritional supplements, nutritional drinks and ointments, it’s perfect for my passion, Aromatherapy.

The report provides you with breakdown of which Aromatherapy Oils you had the greatest response to, reflecting your body’s needs in that moment. Essentially, iTOVi let’s me know which oils you’ll be most responsive to during your Aromatherapy Massage and they’re the oils I’ll use.

The end result of this is a treatment that’s not only a feast for your senses, it’ll also provide your body with exactly what it needs in that moment.

All in all, it adds up to the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

Order yours now.

Additional information

Valentine\'s Day Gift Voucher Options

Top to Toe (Neck Back & Shoulder), Top to Toe (Full Body)


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