Pain Relief

There are many different types of pain and many different types of pain relief. But, when it comes to acute or chronic pain, there's only one type of pain relief that I turn to;

The SCENAR Device

From a technological perspective, the SCENAR device (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) is the most advanced pain relief device in existence, today, and it represents a huge breakthrough when it comes to the stimulation of the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

SCENAR Professional Device

SCENAR therapy is an excellent form of treatment for many acute or chronic complaints, which have failed to respond, adequately, to other therapies.

How SCENAR Works

The SCENAR device produces a patented impulse that’s very similar, in nature, to the body's own naturally produced nerve impulses. This impulse has been proven to have a hugely beneficial effect on the body, re-stabilising balance and Homeostasis.

SCENAR Personal Device

The SCENAR impulse works at a cellular level by, literally, speaking the body’s own language.  As a result, it enables a profound and long lasting healing to take place.

The device was developed by an elite team of doctors and scientists on the Russian Space Programme. Their brief was to keep the cosmonauts in optimum health during space travel without resorting to pharmaceuticals, which were impractical for a number of reasons.

SCENAR is now the treatment of choice for an ever increasing number of world-class athletes and medical professionals.

It’s a highly effective form of pain relief and can be used with a wide range of conditions from neck and back pain, sports injuries, whiplash, fractures, arthritis, RSI & IBS to burns and aching joints. Click here for more detailed information about SCENAR.

How SCENAR’s Used

As the SCENAR device is brushed over an area of inflammation or pain, it releases gentle electrical impulses, similar to those produced by the nervous system. The impulses are sent to the brain, stimulating the instant release of powerful, natural healing compounds. The results are, usually, both immediate and long lasting, with most people achieving quite dramatic levels of pain relief, often within minutes.

What Else do you Need to Know

Occasionally, when treating chronic conditions, a healing crisis may occur. When such a crisis occurs, the patient will experience a complete lack of energy and a general feeling of malaise. This happens in situations where the body releases toxic energy too rapidly and there are techniques that can be used with the SCENAR device, to manage this.

To ensure the very best results, the patient shouldn’t bathe or shower during the two hour period before the treatment or the two hour period after. It may be necessary to shave the skin around the area to be treated to ensure good communication between the device and the nervous system. In general, patients will experience an increase in energy, more refreshing sleep and an improvement in their general well-being, as well as experiencing the pain relief that they’re looking for.

Please note that SCENAR treatment can’t be provided to anyone that’s fitted with a cardiac pacemaker.

Click here for more detailed information about SCENAR.

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