NES miHealth

One Simple, Powerful System For Creating Total Wellness

I've been using the NES system for a long time, now, but the latest piece of equipment they've developed - miHealth - is extraordinary!

The NES miHealth is a neatly designed, hand-held piece of electronic equipment that can perform a number of functions. People are looking for new and innovative ideas in the  field of personal health and well-being and miHealth connects with that desire. With a broad range of treatment cycles and functions, the intelligent NES mihealth stimulates the self-healing ability of the human body.
The NES miHealth makes use of subtle electromagnetic fields, information fields and bioelectric stimulation to gather the information that enables it to do its' job. Information that's essential to restore the body to its natural state of well-being, which is the state of the body that allows for recovery.

The NES miHealth even offers a solution for balance disorders through several physical, mental and energetic forms by which imbalance and fatigue could be restored.

NES miHealth

Why should I make use of the NES miHealth?

With the help of the NES miHealth, you will achieve your optimal level of health and well-being remarkably faster and more effectively. The wide range of treatment cycles and functions bring various benefits and could lead to;

  • Accelerated recovery after sports and sporting activities.
  • Improvement in joint mobility.
  • Improvement in your sleep patterns.
  • Increased well-being - both mentally and emotionally.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Extra support while in state of relaxation.

And the list goes on!

NES miHealth

The NES Approach to Total WellNES

The NES Total WellNES System allows me to quickly and easily restore your health using the NES proprietary 4-step process;

  • (Re)Assess
  • Rejuvenate
  • Re-Imprint
  • Rebuild

How the NES miHealth Works

How miHealth Works 01

The NES miHealth scans the human body-field to identify energetic blockages

How miHealth Works 02

These energetic blockages can be cleared and trigger points stimulated either directly on the body

How miHealth Works 03

Or therapy can be delivered off-body in broadcast mode with the same effect

Unlike any other health services or products out there, this unique system allows me to both analyse and correct the state of wellness by addressing the 3 critical factors for health within the body:

  • The energy that flows
  • The information that's created, distributed and regulated
  • The physiology

The results have to be experienced to be believed!

Click here to find out more about NES miHealth and how it works.


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