miHealth Rejuvenation

miHealth Rejuvenation is a treatment that uses my amazing miHealth device to help 'turn back time' for your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The great thing about miHealth Rejuvenation is that it isn't a short term solution out of a jar. It has a far more profound effect on your skin.

If you're doing this for the first time, I'd suggest a four week programme and there are three elements to the treatment;

  1. You should be taking the 'Youth' Infoceutical every day over the four weeks.
  2. Each weekly treatment begins with a mini facial.
  3. This is followed by a range of miHealth protocols.

The 'Youth' NES Infoceutical, which you should take every day during the course of treatments, plays an important part in rejuvenating your skin and, ideally, you shouldn't allow yourself to miss a day.

NES miHealth Rejuvenation
NES Infoceuticals

It's very easy to take. Simply add 15 drops to a glass of water or juice, once a day. I find that the best time to take it is to build it in to your morning routine. After all, we all have a drink when we wake up or with our breakfast, don't we?

The 'Youth' Infoceutical has been made from information about many dynamic brain components for the ageing of the brain and its lowered ability to produce enzymes and hormones as age increase. It may, therefore, have an effect on melatonin production in some people.

It also corrects the effects of radiation from the sun and other sources which is a well known cause of ageing of the skin and body generally. This is also for electro-sensitivity where there is excessive ageing taking place due to exposure to twentieth century technology.

Find out more about NES Infoceuticals here.

Starting each treatment with a mini facial really is the essential first step in skin care! This is followed by a range of miHealth protocols over the face and neck to thoroughly rejuvenate the skin. In simple terms, these are;

  • Skin protocol over the entire face and neck
  • Muscle protocol around the eyes
  • Anti-aging protocol over the entire face and neck

The exact mix of treatment protocols you receive will be specific to you and completely customised based on the needs of your body. Where necessary, I may add other protocols, such as digestion (which can have a significant impact on the skin), but your treatment will be specific to your needs.

It's all very clever and highly technical but I love the way that miHealth works with our natural energetic body field. It blends, perfectly, modern technology with the wisdom and knowledge gained from thousands of years of development of the complementary therapies that we know and love.

In total, each session will last approximately an hour and, as I mentioned earlier, if you're doing this for the first time I would recommend starting with a four week programme. After that a monthly maintenance treatment is advised.

NES miHealth

How the NES miHealth Works

How miHealth Works 01

The NES miHealth scans the human body-field to identify energetic blockages

How miHealth Works 02

These energetic blockages can be cleared and trigger points stimulated either directly on the body

How miHealth Works 03

Or therapy can be delivered off-body in broadcast mode with the same effect

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