Medical Massage

Massage Therapist at Work on a Medical Massage

Many people come to me for Medical Massage when they have a problem of some kind and, often, it's as a result of the fact that their GP has told them that there's nothing else that can be done.

If you know my story, at all, you'll know that I turned to Complementary Therapies for, precisely, that reason. I just wasn't prepared to accept that nothing could be done about my problems and that I'd have to go on suffering for the rest of my life.

For me, the improvements were so dramatic that I even decided to become a Complementary Therapist and have been helping other people, in similar situations, ever since.

I always carry out a comprehensive medical questionnaire on your first visit to me, before I will carry out any treatment.  This is all part of my professional responsibility - and understanding any specific issues or problems that an individual is going through is a critically important part of what I do.

It also means that I can recommend the right treatment for the right circumstances and treat the right problems in the right way.  As a Holistic Therapist, I look to treat the whole body and massage is one element of that.

Medical Massage (sometimes referred to as Sports Massage or Remedial Massage) may be a relevant treatment and provide relief for a variety of problems including sports and other injuries of all kinds, muscle/ligament strains or tears, sprains, muscular pain, tension, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, poor or restricted mobility, sciatica and back pain, to name but a few.

Medical Massage Questionnaire

Having said that, for me, Medical Massage is something that I approach from a slightly different perspective these days, because I've trained extensively in the use of some amazing new technology.

SCENAR is incredibly effective when dealing with pain and in speeding up the healing process and the miHealth device, whilst coming from the same technology as SCENAR, has some amazing advantages and has proven to be invaluable to me in helping to identify the very best way to treat any specific injury or condition.

In fact, carrying out a total body scan with the miHealth device is now the very first step I take when evaluating any specific condition or injury with the vast majority of clients that I see.

If you're coming for a Medical Massage with a specific problem or injury, it's highly likely that you'll get to experience one, or both, of these devices as part of your treatment, as well as in the assessment stage.

NES miHealth
Medical Massage

Ultimately, with a medical massage, I'll spend more time working on the affected area(s), as well as, on any associated area(s) because pain is often referred.

Referred pain is felt in an area separate to the cause of the pain, usually, due to the nature of our nervous system.  What this means is that, sometimes, you can get rid of pain by massaging a completely different part of the body.

Medical Massage may well only form a part of the treatment programme that I recommend, depending on the nature of the problem.

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