How the NES miHealth Works

Here, we're going to take a look at how miHealth works, including Total WellNES and the science behind it

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The NES miHealth scans the human body-field to identify energetic blockages

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These energetic blockages can be cleared and trigger points stimulated either directly on the body

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Or therapy can be delivered off-body in broadcast mode with the same effect

The Science Behind Total WellNES

There are three critical factors when it comes to total wellness, optimal functioning and health in the human body:

  1. The quality and flow of energy through the body
  2. Information that's created, distributed and regulated within the body
  3. How these factors then influence the biochemistry, which creates the physical tissues of the body.

The latest, cutting edge research into biology shows that the body is a structured network of information and energy fields, known as the human body-field.  For more than 30 years this has been the focus of clinical study at NES, which has resulted in an exceptional level of expertise.

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Einstein’s equation, E=mc2, tells us that matter and energy are equivalent but it's important to note that energy, in and of itself, isn't enough to describe and direct organization and much of the body’s health is dependent on its quality of organization.

It's for this reason that accounting for, and restoring, the information of the body is critical to health. The body directs energy based on this information and without it, energy would move chaotically. In light of this, we can see that there are only three ways to truly influence health;

  1. Rejuvenate the body’s energy, and restore its proper flow
  2. Re-Imprint the body’s information back to its blueprint for optimal functioning
  3. Rebuild the body’s biochemistry

The Total WellNES Difference

Every single health therapy or philosophy - from chemistry to energy medicine to physical therapy — all influence health in one of the above-mentioned ways.

For instance, cognitive therapies can affect the information of the body through the mind but, if the energy pathways through which that information must travel are sluggish or blocked, the body has to struggle and expend effort to deliver that information to the appropriate systems. Energy levels and the quality of biochemistry are hence both compromised.

As another example, we can consider acupuncture or similar therapies for clearing energy blockages. In much the same way, though we have energy flowing freely again in the body, if we haven’t also corrected the information traveling through the energy channels, any improvement may be short-lived. The body will often revert back to its suboptimal operating behaviour because the information and biochemistry have not been addressed.

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The Total WellNES Difference is that we address all three critical factors for health, and in proper sequence, holistically restoring the body and its functioning back to optimal health.
By looking at and correcting all three aspects of the body – its energy, information and physiology — we can reverse any downward spiral in a person’s health and build momentum in an upward spiral towards Total WellNES.

How It Works

Below are the 3 Steps to Total WellNES, which also represents the recommended approach to therapy you can incorporate into your practice with the Total WellNES System.

Step 1. (Re)Assess with ProVision Analysis Software

Because the body and its biofield are in constant flux, it is important to re-assess clients each month. Beginning in 2014 you will have the option to provide your clients with a take-home scanning device so that you can perform remote scans and deliver their analysis and recommended protocol online.

While this can be billed and treated like an in-office visit, you and your client can save time and cost by performing the scan remotely — with you at your office (or home) and the client at home (or anywhere as long as they have their scanning device with them).

During the assessment scan, which only takes a few seconds, NES ProVision will analyze all three critical factors for total wellness:

Re-Assess With ProVision
  1. The strength and flow of the energy within the body-field
  2. How close the information is to the body’s optimal blueprint (which we spent 30 years mapping and testing).
  3. The best building blocks for supporting and reconstructing the body’s physiology.

NES ProVision will then return an analysis of over 150 systems and sub-systems to show the levels of distortion or blockages present, the best routs for correction and the nutritional building blocks recommended. ProVision will also provide detailed protocol recommendations for the next 3 steps.

Learn more about NES ProVision

Step 2. Rejuvenate with the miHealth

After assessment, the next step is to rejuvenate the body’s energy flow through releasing any present energy blockages or trigger points, while also bringing the body’s energy oscillations back to normal.

This is done by delivering between one and three in-office therapies using our non-invasive hand-held miHealth. Each therapy function only takes a few minutes to deliver and will also help the client experience immediate relief from any present stress or anxiety and provide clear pathways for information to flow through the body properly.

Learn more about the NES miHealth

NES miHealth

Step 3. Re-Imprint with Infoceutical Liquid Drops

The next step is to steadily re-imprint the body-field back towards its original information blueprint. This is done by providing a protocol of 4 infoceuticals that your clients will take at home for 30 days.

NES ProVision will recommend the infoceuticals most critical for wellness, based on its assessment of two key components of the body-field:

  1. The strength or amount of ‘power’ or ‘fuel’ the body-field has
  2. The structure of information flow and how it’s organized, as well as how distorted it is compared to the body’s optimal blueprint for functioning.

Learn more about NES Infoceuticals

Re-Imprint with Infoceuticals

The spiral into total wellness then continues up, and you reassess your client every 30 days to monitor progress and update their protocol. This way their body and body-field receive precisely what it needs, when it needs it, addressing all three critical factors for health.
While your clients will enjoy immediate relief of certain symptoms or discomforts from their very first visit, the true benefit of this system is its long-term effects and restoration of total wellness.

And so as the months progress, you will see additional powerful results emerge: the layers of stress, discomfort and distortion unravel… energy increases… your clients experience fewer ongoing issues, more clarity of thought and cleanliness of emotion… their information starts to structure itself properly and their tissues rebuild.

True correction of health occurs. And they achieve Total WellNES.

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