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The Future of Anti-AgeingTime marches forever onwards and we all face the challenge of growing older .......... but if you're interested in the very latest in anti-ageing technologies then Nu Skin is, definitely, a company that should be sitting high up on your radar.

Nu Skin specialise in anti ageing technologies that work naturally. If you like the sound of that, read on;

Minimising the Effects of Age Both Inside and Out

In their literature, Nu Skin state that;

"Our world-renown scientists have created a comprehensive product line to help you defy the ageing process, minimising its effects both inside and out"

And this is one of the things that I love about the company; They make products that work from the inside out and from the outside in - a truly novel, yet eminently sensible approach.

Here are some of the product technologies that come from Nu Skin;

  • New Galvanic Facial Technology -  Demonstrates how to make a visible difference to lines and wrinkles in 5 minutes without the use of botox or invasive surgery.  Using the revolutionary genome technology to reverse the signs and symptoms of ageing from the inside-out.  This little gadget can treat four other parts of the body and also stimulate new hair growth encouraging thicker and stronger hair. Find out more about the Galvanic System II.
  • Galvanic Body Spa Tummy TreatmentNew Galvanic Body Technology –  With a slightly stronger current, targets fat and cellulite and smooths skin on upper arms, abdomen and buttocks – enhances the circulation of the lymphatic system, which has the benefit of helping aid detoxification. Find out more about the Galvanic Body Technology.
  • AgeLOC - Scientists and researchers at Nu Skin have been able to identify certain sets of genes in the body and in the skin that are related and relevant to ageing. They're now able to go after these age-related super markers and balance them to their youthful patterns of activity through the use of the ageLOC range of products.
  • Nutritionals - Pharmanex® has created comprehensive supplements to provide the body with high levels of important vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. All of which are based around the science to go beyond the symptoms of ageing to target the ultimate sources of ageing. Products like LifePak and Marine Omega and JVi.
  • Antioxidant Screening - This is a painless and non invasive live tissue measurement, taken from the palm of the hand, more accurate than blood serum or urine and provides a readout of your antioxidant status in just 90 seconds.  This tells us how strong or weak your immune system is - how fast you are ageing and ones risk factor to many illnesses.  An antioxidant therapy can be recommended for those in need of a boost to slow down the ageing process internally and protect cells. Find out more about Antioxidant Screening here.

This innovative approach is the result of years of unparalleled research in the areas of skin and nutritional science by some of the greatest minds in the scientific world. Nu Skin are revolutionising the health and beauty industries with products that offer comprehensive anti-ageing solutions.

I've been a big fan of several of the products that Nu Skin has on offer for some time, now. The LifePak+ & Marine Omega ADR Package and the JVi drink  are products that I, personally, use all the time (JVi is an upgrade of and has replaced G3).

You can find out more about the LifePak+ & Marine Omega ADR here and there's more about JVi here.

I've also started using the Galvanic Spa System II and Galvanic Body Spa recently.  They are pretty amazing!  In fact, I've been so impressed with them that I've started offering Anti-Ageing Galvanic Spa treatments along with my other therapies.  You can find out more about them here.

Recently, I've been spending more and more time doing some product training, as well as, using more of the product range, myself, and I must say that I've been really impressed.  I'll be letting you know more about some of these other products, very soon, so keep an eye open for more news.

The other thing that has really impressed me about Nu Skin are the results that my clients have been getting when they go through the simple process of analysing the strength of their immune system and then following up on the recommendations.

I can't recommend Nu Skin highly enough.

Bringing healing, health and harmony into your world.

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