The AMwell Approach

I'm very proud to be an AMwell Authorised Distributor.  I use these fantastic products every day and can vouch for how amazing they are.  The things I like the most are the approach that AMwell takes to health (I've always taken the very same approach with my clients) and how the products work. What follows will give you a bit of an understanding;

The natural state of our body is one of total wellness. We often refer to this as the body being in ‘balance’ or ‘harmony’ but the scientific term is' homeostasis'.

Amega Total WellnessThe challenge with maintaining this natural state of harmony (that’s the term I prefer) is that we all live life at such a pace, these days, that we’re constantly subject to all kinds of stresses and strains from all manner of sources.  Things like pollutants, work related problems, financial challenges, unhealthy foods and sedentary lifestyles.

These stresses and strains that we continuously face, affect the energy in our body, gradually pushing it out of harmony. Over time, this leads to a lack of energy and then on to illness and disease.

Rather than treating the symptoms, as traditional medicine often does, AMwell (formerly Amega Global) look to the source of the problem – the fact that our energy is out of harmony – and have pioneered a technology that addresses this, directly.

The AMwell technology, known as AMized Fusion Technology™ (AFT™ ), sources what’s known as Zero-Point Energy from the environment.  This energy is required by our body in order to maintain our natural state of harmony.


The contradiction is that, when our bodies are in that natural state of harmony (homeostasis) it will automatically access the Zero-Point Energy it requires from the environment.

However, when our body’s not in harmony it can’t do this, which is where AMwell comes in with its superb range of products.

(The video shows the dramatic effect that this technology has on the blood, one of the fundamental systems in our body)

Using AMized Fusion Technology™ the AMWell products produce zero point resonance, the effect of which means that our bio-energetic field is able to source energy to its cells, helping to restore our body's information system, boosting cellular rejuvenation and bringing the body back to its natural state of harmony.

AMwell's energetic approach is based on the four aspects of Total Wellness:

          • Personal Wellness
          • Nutritional Wellness
          • Environmental Wellness
          • Financial Wellness (click here to find out about the AMwell Opportunity)

AMwell Products

I'd just like to point out that, as an AMwell Authorised Distributor, I only supply genuine products that are sourced directly from AMwell. Depending on where you're ordering from, the products may get dispatched from any one of our 4 Main distribution centres in Singapore, the USA, India or Indonesia. Occasionally, the product may be sourced from a distributor that's local to you. If so, I will let you know.

These are just some of the AMwell products that are available but they're the ones that I use on a regular basis. You you can get more detailed information by clicking on the relevant links.

The AMwell AMwand

The Amega AMWandThere are three versions of the AMwell AMWand, the AMWand Classic, the AMWand Black Tip and the AMWand Plus. Essentially, they all do the same thing but the power is enhanced in the AMWand Black Tip and the AMWand Plus has more power plus special attachments.

The AMWand helps us to access the Zero Point Energy our body needs through AMwell's AMized Fusion Technology™.

Click here to find out more about the AMwell AMWand.

The AMwell AMPendant

The Amega AMPendantAvailable in Universe Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Bronze finishes, the major advantage of the AMPendant is that you wear it all continuously to make sure that you have AMwell's AMized Fusion Technology™ working to help keep your body in a state of harmony at all times.

As we're always encountering different kinds of stress that can move us away from a state of harmony, the benefits of wearing the AMPendant are obvious.

Click here to find out more about the AMwell AMPendant.


Amega AMGenexThis is the first of two AMwell nutritional products, which look to work on our body from the inside, rather than from the outside, like the other products previously mentioned.

AMGenex incorporates two different technologies, DNA | Dynamic Nutrition Advantage™ and CellActiv®, which combine together to provide some very powerful benefits to promote optimal health.

Click here to find out more about AMwell AMGenex.

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