If You Come With an Open Mind, I’ll Open Your Heart

Rahanni Heart“I’ll Open Your Heart” – That’s quite a big promise.  But what does it mean?

I recently trained – and qualified – as a Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner, which I found to be a quite profound experience.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking ‘What is Rahanni Celestial Healing?’

What is Rahanni Celestial Healing

You can find out more about Rahanni Celestial Healing here but, essentially, Rahanni is a 5th dimensional healing process that works at a higher vibration and on a deeper level than any other therapy treatment, cutting down the time it takes to heal and, literally, allows you to ‘open your heart’.

Rahanni raises the vibration of the student to a much higher level of spiritual understanding, allowing for an expanding of the aura, which helps with a change in consciousness.

Although it’s thousands of years old, Rahanni has become the ‘new’ healing process for this Golden Age:  A moving forward of spiritual growth by releasing negativity and the old ways of thinking and moving towards feelings of inner peace, positive thought and compassion.

Rahanni means, ‘Of One Heart’, which refers to the fact that we all come from one divine energy source, which is what I’m referring to when I say “if you come with an open mind, I’ll open your heart’.

In short, we are all connected to one another and to one divine energy source – however you refer to that source.

The Importance of Energy in Our Health

HarmonyI’ve always said that our natural state of being is one of harmony – of balance – often referred to as homeostasis in the world of science. In our natural state of harmony, or balance, we are connected to our source energy, our body works perfectly and we are perfectly healthy. When you ‘open your heart’ you connect to source energy and that state of harmony follows, naturally.

Illness comes when we become ‘cut off from’ our source energy and our body falls out of harmony – out of balance, if you like.

This can happen for a wide variety of reasons but stress, tension and our spiritual harmony are, probably, the most significant factors when we experience illness or dis-ease – a state where our body isn’t at ease with itself or with our source energy.

This is why my vision is to bring healing, health and harmony in to your world. When we fall out of that state of harmony, the first step is one of healing, that will restore health which, in turn, will restore harmony to our body – and that’s the end result when you ‘open your heart’.

Most people come to me when their body has fallen out of harmony. The best reason to come to me is to help you stay in harmony.

Open Your Mind and I’ll Open Your Heart

I know that some people are more open to this kind of treatment than others – and some of my clients have already experienced amazing results from Rahanni Celestial Healing.

I’m looking for people that, perhaps, haven’t tried anything like this before but who either have an open mind or are willing to open their mind to the possibilities of Rahanni Celestial Healing. If you can do that, then I can open your heart and bring some healing, health and harmony in to your world.

Don’t wait. Do it now!

Bringing healing, health and harmony into your world.

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