What are Antioxidants and Why Should we be Consuming Them?

Antioxidant Laden Fruit and VegetablesIf you’ve aver found yourself asking the question; What are Antioxidants? The following may help;

In a walnut shell, antioxidants tame and neutralize molecules in our bodies that can cause harm to us. So, the more of these good guys that we eat and consume, the bigger our internal defence forces can warn off the bad diseases and nasties! These are known as ‘free radicals’.

Free radicals are the result, or by-product, of the natural process of oxidation in your body. When you put food into your body and your body processes this food, it combines with oxygen that is present in the body. When that happens, it is known as oxidation. Over exposure to sun, pollution and smoke can also contribute to free radicals increasing in our bodies, another important reason to keep the antioxidants high!

Good news! Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants along with blueberries and goji berries. So, at breakfast, add some berries and you’ll give your immune system a real boost!

Other go-to items include kale, red grapes, red peppers and kidney beans, which are high in antioxidants and excellent for upping the defences in your body. Many people believe you would have to follow a ‘special’ diet or eat foods which many wouldn’t like, but this is all incorrect.

Antioxidant Laden BlackberriesA lot of the fruits and vegetables are brightly coloured, they are rich in lutein, which is amazingly clever as they are attractive to the eye. Antioxidants can come in the form of supplements which is a lot easier, but you have to make sure about the quality of them, if you need help with this them don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Stick with the real deal and fill your plate with lots of bright beautiful colours of delicious in season fruit and veg! (See our previous blog about the benefits of eating food in season!)

Right now, there are lots of lovely blackberries ripe for picking, so see if you can find some local bushes where you can get them for free!

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