Look After Your Feet – The Benefits of Reflexology

The Benefits of ReflexologyTo understand some of the benefits of reflexology we really need to understand how important our feet are and what they go through.

How much attention do you give your feet?

Imagine your entire body weight, on top of you every single day.

The odd bath or a manicure once or twice a week / month / year!? Yet they carry you everywhere, get squeezed into numerous different shoes everyday regardless of whether they properly fit you or not and yet on average, you do between 125,000km and 250,000km in a lifetime! That’s a lot of walking around!

Does that make you want to take better of them?

Did you know that your big toe is also known as “the Great Toe”

(but, I bet it doesn’t feel that great!)

Reflexology is a gentle, healing art and the practice of strategically applying pressure to the feet and hands, which stimulates nerves that correspond with specific body organs. By focussing on specific areas, it can help to alleiviate many different aches and pains or more serious concerns.

Look After Your feetIt was originally introduced by ancient civilisations as far back as Egyptian and Chinese societies.

Other areas, such as the face and ears can also be used for pressure based massage using the similar principals of reflexology, to target other problem areas and create relaxation.

Suitable for men and women who would like to increase their energy levels, induce a natural state of happy hormone release and give a boost to the immune system.

Reflexology has been found in many clients to aid sleep disorders, allergies, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, migraines and skin problems, like eczema.

It has also been known for a number of treatments to assist in fertility, and with those trying for a baby!

Take care of your feet as they certainly take care of you and carry you wherever you need to go!

Hopefully this post has helped you to see your feet in a different light!

Make sure to book in to treat your feet today, so they can continue to look after you!

Bringing healing, health and harmony in to your world

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