Eat Your Greens

HealthWe all know that saying ‘eat your greens!’ ….. but when do YOU eat your greens, or other seasonal fruit & vegetables?

Do you buy fruit & vegetables all throughout the year?

Or just in the summer when on a health kick?

It’s safe to say that, nowadays, we are spoiled for choice. There’s such a wide variety of produce available in supermarkets that you can choose to buy asparagus in November and strawberries in January! Most people are blissfully oblivious as to when fruit and vegetables are even in season because it’s all so readily available, all year round.

Did you know that buying ‘in season’ can actually lower your shopping bill because less manual intervention is required than when ‘out of season’. By doing this you are also doing your bit for the planet too, by reducing the ‘air miles’ of the produce.

Another big bonus is the taste of your food. Locally sourced, ‘in season’ fruit & vegetables are a far tastier proposition than those shipped in ‘out of season’. They also produce a far tastier meal, as a result.

Low GI Berries - One of many Free Foods available on your Forever Living Clean 9 programmeLet’s face it, we’ve all had those strawberries during the winter that are bland, and have no juice to them, but can also recall what it’s like to enjoy a plump red strawberry in the peak of a heat wave! I think I know which one I would prefer!

How about you?

Have you ever fancied wintery root vegetables on a hot summer’s day?

The likelihood is that you might instead be eating strawberries or raspberries, that have a high water content as that’s what you’re body naturally needs at that time. Eating in season isn’t just nature’s menu being chosen for you, your body needs different nutrients at different times of the year.  There are a number of infographics and websites available online, showing you what’s in season and when, broken down by month or season.

Next time you’re out shopping – see if you can shop seasonally, save some money and stay healthy!

Eat your greens and give your body a good variety of vitamins and minerals throughout the year – it will thank you for it!

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