Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Skinny Equals UnhealthyWe often hear , “ don’t  judge a book by its cover ” but you probably haven’t applied the same logic to how we perceive our body. It’s a sad fact that, in society today, there’s a perception that a skinny body equals a healthy body and a larger build means you’re unhealthy.

People assume that a larger person constantly eats burgers, pizza, junk food and lots of fizzy drinks, and a slimmer person eats a well-balanced, full of fruit, veggies and wholesome food diet. However, the size of your body doesn’t always reflect what is going on inside.

Fat can start to encase itself around vital organs, which becomes a significant problem, and since people can’t physically see this, they’re tricked into a false sense of security that they’re healthy.

Get on the move!

ExerciseExercise is so vitally important to health and well-being and with so many different forms of exercise there’s something to suit everyone. Sadly, many of us still use excuses like; ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I can’t afford to go to a gym’.

From gentle walking to heart racing cardio workouts in a fitness studio, there’s something for everyone.

For those who aren’t able to get to a gym, or who feel self-conscious, there are plenty of DVD’s and YouTube videos you can use, which allow you to exercise from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

What about using the tin of beans you brought from the supermarket as weights while you exercise to music in your lounge?

It’s completely free, and yet, just as beneficial as a workout at the gym.

Lubricate your insides!

Why Drink WaterWater – It really is a no brainer!

It’s on tap at home, so you can have as much of it as you like!

It has so many natural benefits and keeps your mind, as well as your body, healthy.

Your brain will perform at a much higher rate, once enriched with water, than when you’re dehydrated. And you can banish those low moments and afternoon naps by drinking water because you’ll have more energy.

You can also curb your tendency to nibble between meals if you simply drink a glass of water when you feel hungry. After 10 minutes, you’ll probably find that your ‘hunger’ has subsided.

Try it!

5 A Day

Many people find it difficult to incorporate the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables into their everyday diet but when I work with my clients they find that all it takes are a few tweaks here and there.

Get Your 5 A DayThere are many images available online of portion sizes and meal make ups, so, print one out and put it in a central place in your kitchen. Repeatedly seeing suggestions for how to involve just a minimum of 2 servings of fruit / vegetables a day will steadily get you into better habits.

Eating better will improve your life expectancy – and who doesn’t want to live longer???

Staying around longer for your children is quite a motivator!

Eating healthily fights all the nasties that come from the ‘man made’ junk foods that our bodies weren’t designed to digest and that can have a dramatic impact on many health issues and diseases.

Get together with a friend or a family member and act as accountability partners for one another.  You can each work on your own agenda, whether that be improving your diet, taking more exercise or drinking more water.

The main thing is to stop yourself from making those excuses and to take action. It really is much easier than you think but if you need a hand, I’m always happy to help.

Bringing healing, health and harmony in to your world

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