The Benefits of Ginger Tea

Following on from my post earlier on in the month, I suggested making sure that you’re drinking enough water to remain refreshed and alert in our busy lives. Not everyone enjoys drinking plain water, so if you’re after something a bit more flavourful, then I’m a huge advocate regarding the benefits of ginger tea.

The Benefits of Ginger TeaGinger is a distinctive ingredient, both in smell and taste, and is packed with anti-oxidants and health boosting oils, which can help with all manner of problems from colds/flu and digestive issues to strokes, cancer and heart attacks.

It contains gingerols, shogaols and zingerols.

Research shows that these properties are known to help reduce inflammation and soreness or pain in your muscles as well as osteoarthritis.

If your immune system could do with a boost, but for a prevention technique, just one cup of ginger tea per day will help!

How to make the perfect ginger tea:

  1. Bring your kettle to the boil
  2. Thinly slice approx. a teaspoon of fresh, root ginger and place into the bottom of a mug/cup
  3. Add a slice (or two) of lemon – depending on your preference
  4. Pour the water into the cup over the lemon and ginger
  5. Leave to steep for a minimum of 1 minute
  6. Add a small amount of honey to your taste
  7. Relax and enjoy!

A few really interesting facts about Ginger

  • It breaks down the fat deposits that block your arteries
  • It can be used to treat headaches, colds and flu
  • It boosts your immune system
  • It helps to fight infections
  • It has calming properties
  • It increases blood flow & improves oxygenation of the blood
  • It aids the absorption of vital vitamins & minerals from food
  • It kills cancerous cells

Enjoy your home brewed ginger tea – and the many benefits that go with it.  And do share the recipe with anyone that you feel it may help.

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