Alleviating Neck and Shoulder Pain with No Hands Massage

Neck and Shoulder PainNeck and shoulder pain do have a tendency to go together as one is inextricably linked to the other.  The impact of general stress and tension on any neck and shoulder problem tends to be quite significant, which is one of the reasons that massage, or in this case no hands massage, can be so effective.

When it comes to muscular pain, massage is consistently effective and the following testimonial demonstrates how much difference it’s made for Nicola;

“Tension, bad posture, stress and not enough relaxation led me to Valerie’s door with dreadful neck and shoulder  pain!

Valerie used her no hands massage on me. She was very gentle but knew how to locate the tight muscles and how to then make my muscles relax. The results are that with her persistence and knowledge of muscles, she has enabled me to be pain free with more movement in my back, neck and shoulders than I’ve had for a very long time.

Much better than just taking endless pain relief. I cant recommend this treatment enough if you have any muscle problems…….. it is fantastic!”  ~  Nicola

I can’t help feeling that so many people could benefit from massage to maintain health, rather than to help with a particular problem. Although I do have a growing number of clients that use massage in this way (Nicola included), I just wish more people would do the same.

The effects really are fantastic.

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