Massage Reduces Neck Tension

Just lately, I seem to be treating more couples and it usually happens because I start working (successfully) with one of them and the other one then gets curious and comes along. In this case it was because of neck tension and allergic rhinitis and involves more than one type of therapy.

This is what Andi had to say after asking her husband for a testimonial;

My Husband is also receiving treatments from Valerie so I asked him for a testimonial;

His first comment was ‘She’s as good as Anna’, which is high praise indeed as Anna was Pete’s therapist for years. When she moved away he despaired of finding anyone that good again.

He sees Valerie every week and has massage and reflexology on alternate weeks. The massage is helping to reduce the tension in his neck and he has much greater freedom of movement in it of late.

The reflexology is helping his allergic rhinitis and he says that he never ceases to be amazed that Valerie can tell him which bits are achy just by feeling his feet!Andi Catt

Neck tension and allergic rhinitis are just two examples of the many conditions I’m able to help people with, as I offer a wide range of complementary therapies. You can always get in touch here if you have any questions about neck tension – or anything else!

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