What Clients and Patients are saying about NES Health

Nes miHealthI thought it would be a good idea to share just some of the feedback and comments from clients who've experienced healing with NES Health.

John Fuhler, suffered from insomnia

"NES is very accurate, I could feel a shift immediately. I'm a lot happier and it's a lot more fun living my life this way."

Lynn Martin, long-term IBS sufferer

"Within the first month I was a different person. I just felt so much more confident. I eat normally now."

Katie Schmidt, suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"Within two weeks I wasn't tired all the time and I keep on seeing improvements every time I see my practitioner."

Ann Lohrmann, suffered from high levels of stress

"I'm normally a highly strung person but NES Health helps me to get into balance a lot more quickly. I'm not so stressed anymore. I feel comfortable now and I am a much calmer person than I used to be."

This is just a small selection of testimonials but do keep a look out for more as new ones are being added to my website al of the time.

Bringing healing, health and harmony into your world.

How the NES miHealth Works

How miHealth Works 01

The NES miHealth scans the human body-field to identify energetic blockages

How miHealth Works 02

These energetic blockages can be cleared and trigger points stimulated either directly on the body

How miHealth Works 03

Or therapy can be delivered off-body in broadcast mode with the same effect