Some of the Benefits of Massage

I’m regularly asked about the many benefits of massage and often used to find myself trying to cover all of them at once. Sometimes, I even found myself struggling for a breath and speaking very quickly in an attempt to fit everything in as quickly as possible.

In the past, this resulted in me talking for far too long but I’ve now learned to slow down a little, ask some questions and not try to cover all of the benefits of massage in one hit.

The truth is, no-one’s interested in all of the benefits, they’re only really interested in what it can do for them, so, I thought I’d let Tina tell you what massage has done for her;

I regularly have a massage with Valerie and love the fact that the minute I walk into her treatment room I inhale the gorgeous aroma and somehow the tension of the day seems to lessen. Then I find myself ready to relax.

This time I tried a Hot Stone Massage and the best way to describe it is ‘utter bliss’,

Another would be complete, unadulterated relaxation.

The hot stones seem to relax muscles that I didn’t even realise were tense and the warmth radiates through your whole body. I was so relaxed by the massage and so comfortable with Valerie that I drifted off during the treatment.

Also, that night I had the best nights sleep ever!

They were so good that I booked another two and will certainly have more once I work my way through the rest of the treatments that Valerie has to offer.


Tina’s mainly looking to unwind and de-stress and the main benefits of massage that she’s interested in are the relaxation elements – but she’s been surprised and delighted at the positive effect its had on her sleep, as well.

I’m looking forward to introducing her to my other treatments, as well.

Many people are looking for help with specific problems and you can find out more about massage by clicking here.

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