Hands Free Massage

Ease Away Those Sore Aching Muscles With a Hands Free MassageFrom a personal perspective, I think that Hands Free Massage (or No Hands Massage) provides you with the best, over all, massage experience and quite a few of my clients are coming around to sharing my opinion on this.

Hear what Mike had to say after having a few treatments;

Having been to Valerie a few times, now, I am confident in recommending a visit to her, especially for a no hands massage, which I am sure would be of benefit to anyone.

I have had various massages throughout my adult life and can honestly say that Valerie’s hands free massage is the best I’ve ever experienced and that, coupled with her knowledge and her understanding of me as an individual, has been a great help to me.

So go on and give it a go.

Mike Smith.

Thanks for the kind words, Mike.

These days, whenever I have one, I always opt for a Hands Free Massage – even though I do enjoy all types, it’s always difficult to say ‘no’ to your favourite.

If you haven’t tried one, yet, you really are missing out.

Bringing healing, health and harmony into your world.

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