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All injuries incur pain, which leads to tension. Tension restricts circulation and that slows the healing process. The very least I can do is relax the muscle, stimulate circulation, ease pain and accelerate healing.



When it comes to Health, as well as a qualified Complementary Therapist, I'm also a qualified nutritionist, which allows me to take a completely holistic approach, to restoring, improving or maintaining your health.



Harmony is the body’s natural state  – until we mess it up with the stresses and strains of life.  I can help restore that harmony, promoting optimal health and preventing dis-ease. This is the very best reason to work with me.

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What Some of My Clients Have to Say ....

“Tension, bad posture, stress and not enough relaxation led me to Valerie’s door with dreadful neck and shoulder  pain!

Valerie used her no hands massage on me. She was very gentle but knew how to locate the tight muscles and how to then make my muscles relax. The results are that with her persistence and knowledge of muscles, she has enabled me to be pain free with more movement in my back, neck and shoulders than I’ve had for a very long time.

Much better than just taking endless pain relief. I cant recommend this treatment enough if you have any muscle problems…….. it is fantastic!”  ~  Nicola

My Husband is also receiving treatments from Valerie so I asked him for a testimonial;

His first comment was ‘She’s as good as Anna’, which is high praise indeed as Anna was Pete’s therapist for years. When she moved away he despaired of finding anyone that good again.

He sees Valerie every week and has massage and reflexology on alternate weeks. The massage is helping to reduce the tension in his neck and he has much greater freedom of movement in it of late.

The reflexology is helping his allergic rhinitis and he says that he never ceases to be amazed that Valerie can tell him which bits are achy just by feeling his feet!Andi Catt

I was made aware of the miracle gel after meeting Valerie at a networking meeting and having booked myself to go for a facial, Valerie used the product on me for the first time.

After the facial, I knew that I had to have a pot of this miracle gel.

I have been on the product for 6 days and love it. It is the first product I have found to actually do its job but also be gentle. There is no harsh scrubbing of the skin, no dryness.

It is the best product out there.

I have tried nearly every product going from the supermarket to Avon to Mary Kay but this is definitely the product that did it for me. There was a huge noticeable difference from the first application.

I have the most awful rosacea and I have struggled for years to find a product that can help to calm it down, already I have had a noticeable difference in the condition of my skin and will definitely be back for more once I have finished my 1st pot.Beth Parker

Valerie is becoming an essential part of a wider journey into wellbeing and balance, adding to my yoga and regular mindfulness practices.

After a hectic fortnight working to tight writing and editing deadlines, I booked a reflexology session, my first visit to her. You have to have confidence in a therapist and she’s terrific at welcoming clients and highly intuitive, locating stress areas which had received an additional workout keyboard bashing, to a greater degree than  usual.

Hot Stone Massage for wellbeingI love hot stone massages – not just on a cold winter’s night – and Valerie worked her magic with not only the stones, but also crystals for chakra balancing, one of the best treatments I have had. She honed in on, and balanced, an area which relates to new creative work commitments and willpower; I left feeling energised and slept brilliantly (and more deeply than for a long time).

I booked the hot stone massage before a week in Cornwall, at a quiet spot where I’ve enjoyed reading, walking, yoga and art for many years.

A perfect start to a proper break.


I attended a Ladies Networking Event and Valerie was promoting her complementary therapy business and offering a voucher for a No Hands Massage (which I had not heard of before) at an introductory price.  Needless to say I was intrigued, having had a number of more traditional massages in the past, so booked an appointment and went along feeling slightly apprehensive.

Well immediately on my arrival, Valerie made me feel welcome and after a few minutes my concerns had evaporated and I was actually looking forward to the massage with an element of excitement.

Not wanting to take away the element of surprise – the No Hands Massage – was a wonderful experience and, as well as, feeling relaxed and refreshed after the massage it was an enjoyable journey and great to undergo a completely different therapy to that of a traditional massage.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone, whether they have had traditional massages in the past and would like to experience a different type of therapy or if they have never had a massage in the past.

Thank you Valerie.


Thank you for helping me to resolve the injury to my left shoulder and the trapped nerve that was preventing me from playing Tennis.

The “No Hands” massage sessions proved to be of great help in getting this problem cured and I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone with an injury, or anyone in need of a relaxing massage.

Kind Regards

M Finlayson

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